About us

Welcome in Znam-Wynik.pl, website fully dedicated to football tips. If you are here it means you want to systematically win money in bookmakers without leaving your house. Znam-Wynik.pl was created especially for people like you.

Our method is Asian Handicap – type of betting which is becoming more popular in bookmakers. This method gives the possibility of winning more money. One of the advantages of Asian Handicap is that the bettor has only two outcomes of the bet – win or lose. Using this method we eliminate a draw what increases our chances of winning to 50%.

It is also important that the margins charged by bookmakers on this type of bets are much lower in comparison with traditional betting odds 1x2.

Asian Handicap is also interesting because while betting on underdog, even if it loses, the bettor wins anyway if he/she bets properly the handicap. We recommend this method and advise you to play with flat unit betting stake.

Why Znam-Wynik.pl is so special?

Mainly because each day we publish 1 free football tip. You will find bookmaker’s tips in the table on the main page, tips from previous months are in the Archive. There is neither registration nor paid access. We invite you to visit our website and become our fan on Facebook, where every day we inform about new free tips.



I am the founder of this service. I have belonged to tipsters circle for years. It all began in my childhood when I used to play football. Like most of us I started from multiple betting in bookmakers. This was something that got my interest and I wanted to carry on and develop in this direction. For years I had been trying almost everything; with trial and error method I used to create different systems, but I could never find the right one to give me the highest chances of winning. Then I found out about Asian Handicap. 

While surfing the net I came across a website where for a certain amount of money one was assured of winning. I started to wonder how it was possible! It turned out to be a system I had been looking for ages! But the beginning wasn’t so easy; I needed time to learn more about this method, how to use it and how to bet to be successful. Most of us are aware that only 5 per cent of punters win and 95 per cent gives away their money to the bookies. This website is especially dedicated to that second group of punters!

specialization: Asian Handicap

mail: tomasz@znam-wynik.pl